My name is Kalpana. I currently live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I grew up in a large extended family in the state of Gujarat in India, surrounded by great cooks.  Gujarati cuisine consists of only vegetarian food. We had many family gatherings during festivals and vacations, and food was the always the main attraction. Over the years I have learned great recipes from my mother, aunts, and other family members.  I would like to preserve those recipes and pass it down to next generation.

I also love to cook various vegetarian cuisines from around the world.  In this blog, I would like to share recipes of my family and recipes I have learned, developed and cooked from different sources with family and friends.

As a home cook, for everyday cooking you cook with your instincts and habits rather than following a recipe and measuring ingredients. I have tried to be as accurate as possible with measurements of the ingredients used in recipes. The ingredients used in the recipes in the blog are easily available in Indian grocery stores.

I love to teach Indian vegetarian cooking and how various spices are used in cooking. I like to show how different varieties of beans and legumes (dals) are used to make nutritious and healthy meals with great flavors.

I am available to teach cooking to a small group of people. Contact me for more information. I taught a cooking class a few years ago at Cambridge Cohousing (cambridgecohousing/news).

My recent cooking class.